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2019 Average AC Installation Wilmington, NC Service Cost

2019 Average AC Installation Wilmington, NC Service Cost

Does your home or business HVAC System need Heating and Cooling Services?

If you need an AC installation Wilmington, NC company that uses quality products to improve the customer’s indoor air quality and that is available 7 days a week but are terrified about how much this type of HVAC work may cost, do not worry.  

Today we will go over the average cost of HVAC installation in the Wilmington, NC area as well as some factors to look out for that may affect the cost of installation services.  I will also provide for you the 5 best HVAC companies in the Wilmington area to help with these services.

Everyone knows having a working heating and air conditioning system in a well-insulated home is a blessing especially in those hot months of summer. But if you are in a house that is well insulated and without a properly functioning air conditioning unit it can be dangerous because the hot air that is already in that house will keep on getting hotter. 

This is why having a working HVAC system is of great importance at such a time, it will regulate the temperature in that house providing a conducive environment to stay. 

To learn about what to expect from an HVAC contractor when you request an estimate for a new central air conditioner, take the time to watch the following video:

When you seek an HVAC company for installation services in Wilmington, NC, apart from keeping your home cool during the hot summer you will also be able to increase the value of your home. The majority of the home buyers when looking for a house to buy all have 1 major concern, that is whether the house has a properly functioning HVAC system or not.

2019 Average Cost of HVAC Services In Wilmington, NC

The cost of installing the central air conditioning unit will always depend on the company you hire.  There are those that companies that will charge a very high price while there are those that are pocket-friendly so as you make the decision on which company to select you to have to factor in the price. 

Normally the cost of installing the AC unit in Wilmington is $2,847.00 on average but the minimum price a company will charge you is $2,452.00 but there those company that may charge you higher than this amount but should not go beyond $3,243.00 therefore in summary

-Minimum cost $2,452.00

-Average cost $2,847.00

-Maximum cost $3,243.00

But it is also necessary to note that these prices may differ depending on where you live as well as the type of AC unit you want to be installed in your home again about the type of air conditioner that will depend on your preference.

The above-quoted price does not cover some services which include:

1. In case of any permit that is required by the air conditioning companies in Wilmington project

2. Wilmington sale taxes

3. Any other general contractor fee

4. Building inspection fee

Factors that Affect HVAC Installation Cost in Wilmington

Generally, it is good to understand that upon calculating the cost of installation that is not enough there is another cost that you will incur such as pre-installation evaluation cost so as to ensure that the system unit that your installing is the right one in your home the following are the factors that will determine the cost of installing the AC unit in your home

1. Pre-Installation Evaluation

This is an important step in ensuring the safety of your building because the contractor will take into consideration of the amount of heat that is in the house throughout the day and through that, he is able to determine the type and the size of air conditioner that will control that heat in order to keep the house cool

Generally, this calculation will be part of the home energy audit because this kind of audit will be able to assess and identify the possible areas where the air is leaking and other issues that may increase the cost of running the air conditioner in your home

2. The Ductwork and Design

The contractor, before he/ she installs the unit will have to check and examine the system on which the air conditioner relies on so that he/she can ensure whether the ductwork can pass through the central air system with ease. 

This is important because some ducts may not be able to handle the indoor airflow of the modern air conditioner, therefore, some modifications will be required so that it can accommodate the new system and this will eventually increase the cost of installation. But upon increasing the installation cost they will reduce your utility bill in the long run

3. Central Air Unit

The choice of the central air conditioning unit will depend on the structure and the size of your home. The cost of these central air unit will be determined by the size, this is because the ability of the air conditioner to cool the air is calculated in terms of tons. 

For the instant residential system will generally range between 1.5 to 5 tons, this systems normally have a low SEER rating which will not cost as much in terms of service.

4. Labor and Installation

Your location and the company you select to install the air conditioning unit will translate to the overall installation cost. Therefore, it is always good to choose the company that you really trust in visiting your home and that will do a perfect job as well as give you the value of the money you pay them. 

This is important because according to recent research closer to half of the AC systems are installed incorrectly thereby reducing their effectiveness by almost 30%. You don’t want to be among those whose AC unit is inefficient simply because of not doing your research correctly on which company to hire to install it.

Now that we have gone over the average cost of HVAC services as well as some factors that can affect the cost of these services in Wilmington, NC, let’s now talk about the most highly recommended HVAC companies to hire in the area some with more than 20 years of experience.

5 Best HVAC Installation & Service Companies In Wilmington, NC

The following are some of the best heating and cooling companies you can hire for all heating and air conditioning services. 

1. All in One Service

It is a company that will not only offer installation services but also offers other services that include replacement and repair services at an affordable price to its customer.

Contact information:

Address: 130 Cinema Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 343-1399

2. Anderson Air

This is a company that is always committed to ensuring that the customers are satisfied with their job. They also take feedback from their customers very seriously and use their comments to try and improve their services.

Contact Information:

Address: 419 Raleigh St D, Wilmington, NC 28412

Phone: (910) 399-8157

3. O’Brien Service Company

It is a company that has been in business for more than three-decades now it has been offering services such as installation, maintenance, and repair services. They have been proving to be one of the best companies in the area.

Contact Information:

Address: 3308 Enterprise Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: (910) 799-6611

4. Coastal Heating and Air

This is another company that has been in the business for a person of 50 years offering all commercial and residential heating and cooling services.

Contact Information:

Address: 121 Arlington Dr, Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: (910) 763-1183

5. Beat The Heat

They have qualified technicians who know how to deal with any problem arising within the scope of heating and central air conditioning units. They also perform all the HVAC services from heat pump installation to commercial replacement.

Contact Information:

Address: 2137 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (855) 847-4328


Based on the information we have provided above it is my hope that it has helped you learn about the cost of installing an air conditioner and at the same time provided you with more knowledgeable on some factors to consider when installing these systems.

If you would like more information regarding commercial and residential heating and cooling services in the Wilmington, NC area, be sure to read the following related articles.

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