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Find HVAC Installers Near Me For Commercial Systems

Find HVAC Installers Near Me For Commercial Systems

Do you need a New Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning System Installed?

If you are looking for the best HVAC installers near me located in the Wilmington North Carolina area that have the best cost estimates and price quotes for all types of HVAC systems, this article may just be able to help.

Today we will go over not only how to find the best heating and central air contractors in your area, but I will also provide you with the 3 best heating and air conditioner installers in the entire Wilmington, NC area.

If your trying to figure out how much it would cost for a new HVAC system and installation, be sure to watch the following video:

Importance of Commercial HVAC Contractors in Wilmington, NC

The city of Wilmington is trying to find commercial HVAC companies to help in the construction of the new retail buildings for business. The business owners are seriously looking for certified HVAC technicians to handle this task. 

Businesses are always in need of having their HVAC systems installed, serviced, repaired or replaced. To maintain the quality performance of their HVAC system, finding a reliable professional is essential. This said you should know that there are very many HVAC companies in Wilmington NC, and getting the right one may not be so easy.

Understanding the way to get the best commercial HVAC contractors is very important. This ensures that the equipment in your building is working as required. An HVAC system plays a very important role in a company. It makes the indoor environment in the premises of your company suitable for the employees to work in. 

This enables them to perform their duties effectively. Perhaps, you have been having issues with the heating unit of the contractor you work with. It may also be that your heating and cooling equipment is faulty and is no longer functioning as it used to when you installed it. 

You may have also heard some noises from the AC. This is an indication of an underlying issue with your equipment.

HVAC systems are able to eliminate dirt and harmful items, and bad odors from our environment. That is why the new retail constructions in Wilmington NC are looking to hire the best HVAC technicians. When these equipment are installed in the right way, they ensure we live in a comfortable environment.

As these systems are offering ideal environments for offices and business operations. That is why they should be installed correctly. Business owners in Wilmington, NC should look at the following points before hiring a commercial HVAC company.

How To Find The Best Heating & Cooling Companies In Wilmington, NC

choose the trusted commercial hvac experts

Find References

Getting references from other businesses, colleagues is one great way of coming across reliable choices. It gives you first-hand information on the customer service they offer. It also helps you understand the kind of work they do and the quality they adhere to.

Check Out Online Reviews

Online reviews are another great source for digging deep into the potential names. Visit pages like Super-Pages, Yellow Pages, Yelp and Angie’s list to come across relevant reviews. Reviews will help you figure out the right heating and cooling company for you.

Visit Company Website

Reviews alone do not suffice; do check out the website of the contractor. An informative and updated website that caters to the needs of its customers speaks for the credibility of the contractor. At the end of the day, the in-depth pages, videos, and blogs would give you confidence in your choice.

Price and Value Comparisons

hvac price and value

As HVAC systems are complex, going for cheap prices is not an advisable route to choose from. One should go for value comparison instead of making price the prime focus for choosing an HVAC contractor. A commercial HVAC contractor may be offering you low prices and saving you money, but in the long-term, you would end up paying more due to poor services.

Go for the Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Make sure to pick on a commercial HVAC contractor with license, bonding, and insurance. As these are basic forms of protection offered to the customers, they should not be ignored. 

Not having a license is an assured sign of trouble and a lack of knowledge and credibility on part of the contractor. Whereas, bonding compensates you for stolen items and insurance compensates you for any injuries or damage to the property.

Relevant Experience in HVAC

Your commercial HVAC contractor should have relevant experience in the installation, repairs, and maintenance of commercial HVAC systems in order to give you good service. Picking on an experienced contractor would save you the trouble of rework, time and money wastage.

Check Certifications

hvac license requirements by state

Additionally, be sure to find a company that is certified. You should be keen on the unscrupulous HVAC contractors advertising their services all over Wilmington NC. Surely the kind of service they will give you will leave you unhappy and that is why you should be extra careful.

Years of Experience

Always give close attention to the experience of the company. You should avoid hiring a completely new company. Ensure you ask for a list of the recent jobs they have handled before getting into business with them.

Get Everything In Writing

The moment you are in agreement with a heating and cooling company, ensure both you and their representatives sign a written contract. This will help you understand the kind of services the company will be offering you and will allow you to avoid any financial issues in the future.

Enquire About All Services Offered

commercial hvac services

Check whether the company offers post-installation services. If yes, ensure they do it in an effective way. Therefore, this service should be written in the contract as well. These maintenance and repair services will be essential for the upkeep of your HVAC system and will be more effective and efficient if performed by the same company that installed the system in the first place.

Check on Employee Policy

Finally, make sure that the company has a proper health policy for its workers. It is true that accidents do happen and you, therefore, need to protect yourself from footing the bill in the case of an accident, be sure that the company has insurance for your own protection.

With these few things to look for, you can comfortably choose a commercial HVAC company for your business with ease.

Now, let’s take a look at the best and most highly recommended heating and air companies in Wilmington, NC.

Top 3 HVAC Service Companies In Wilmington, NC

carolina comfort air inc.

1. Carolina Comfort Air Inc.

This is one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Wilmington NC. It is capable of providing sufficient cooling for your office building or your home without a problem. 

They are located at 1809 Blue Clay Rd, Wilmington NC28405. This company has been in this business for more than a decade now. Their service includes:

-Preventive HVAC upkeep

-Groundbreaking air cleaning service calls

-routine and crisis Air conditioning and heating fix

-Vitality effective heat pumps and cooling units

-On-going specials on items and administrations

-Effective establishment administrations

You can call them at their official phone number which is +1910-338-3670.

aire serv of coastal carolina

2. Air Serv Coastal Carolina

This company is well known to provide commercial HVAC services to businesses in Wilmington NC. The services they offer include;

-Air cleaning and purification

-Indoor air quality

-Duct cleaning

-Replacement and installation

-Duct sealing

This company is located at 5041 New Centre Dr. Suite 213, Wilmington, NC 28403. You can call them at 910-212-6081.

wilmington air heating and cooling

3. Wilmington Air

This is the best commercial HVAC Company in Wilmington NC. They are located at 1306 N 23rd St, Wilmington, NC 28405, united states of America. This company offers its services 24/7. 

Wilmington Air has extended its services all over Wilmington NC, Hampstead NC, Leland NC, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville beach. They are open every day from 9.00 am to 5:00 pm. You can reach them on their official phone number which is 910-791-1988.


Not that you have the proper knowledge to find and hire the best commercial or residential HVAC companies for heating and air services in Wilmington, NC or any other city or town for that matter, there is no need to panic if you are in need of a new HVAC system.

If you would like more information on how to find HVAC services in Wilmington and all other cities and towns in the USA, be sure to read the following related articles.

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